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Here are more sites that we like:

1. This site is a good source of inspirational reading: Grace Gems.

2. The Chapel Library at Mt. Zion Online is another good source of inspirational reading.

3. Solid Ground Christian Books is a site for some quality books to get a good price.

4. Jim Elliff has a great site with many excellent features. I have greatly profited from this good site.

5. Dr. John Piper is one of the most outstanding Christian writers of our generation. He has written several books which are must reading for believers today. You will find most of his books and writings online for free. His web site also includes all his radio messages, sermons and sermon notes-a rich treasure!

6. Christian Literature on the Web is another valuable research source.

7. Curious about the doctrine of baptism? Check out: Baptizo.

8. Genesis is the foundation of the Bible and the Christian faith. It is no wonder that the enemies of God are bent on casting doubt on the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Dr. Ken Ham is at the forefront of the defense of six-day creation truth. Here is a link to his outstanding web site.

9. A complete source for online material by Dr. John Gill.

10. Another site for great resources:

11. John MacArthur's web site.

12. Check out the John Bunyan Archive at: Chapel Library

13. The Southern Baptist group that is working to restore its Calvinistic heritage is a valuable resource.

14. Another great site to check out: His By Grace

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