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Below are some of our favorite sites. Just click on the link to take you there. Please contact us if you find these links to be broken or not functioning. As with all recommendations, we must observe that we probably do not fully endorse the contents of all these sites. We advise you to surf with discretion.


These are some of our favorite links:

1. Many preachers like to honor Charles Spurgeon, but ignore what he believed. Do you think you agree with Spurgeon? Find out at Are You Sure You Like Spurgeon?

2. Phil Johnson has provided a great service to help you locate many other outstanding Christian sites. You can spend a great deal of time following links. Phil Johnson’s Bookmarks

3. HeartCry Missionary Society is one of my favorite sites. Paul Washer has the right philosophy of missions. Please listen to the messages that are posted here.


4.  Sermon Audio is another one of my favorite sites. It has lots of good sermons.

5. Monergism.Com is a great source of reformed articles and sermons.monergism.com

6. Real Truth Matters has been a great blessing to me.

7. The most complete collection of Charles H. Spurgeon material on the web.

8. Another of Phil Johnson's valuable contributions.

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