Predestined for Heaven? Yes!

About the Book

 This book is the fruit of a long struggle to comprehend the mechanics of salvation. Questions concerning the nature of the death of Christ drove Pastor Alexander to search deeper into the Scriptures. His conclusions led him to embrace the Calvinistic soteriology he had formerly and ignorantly regarded as erroneous. Realizing the controversial nature of these doctrines, the author determined to intensify his investigation of them either to renounce or to more ably defend them. This work is the result of that study.

History has documented the struggle of two Christian philosophies. One is God-centered, fixing itself upon the glorious majesty of His infinite attributes in the unfolding of His eternal purpose (Romans 11:33-36). The other is man-centered, degrading God’s sovereign majesty to the limited service of attempting to rescue as many “poor sinners” as can be persuaded to abandon the suicidal pursuit of their own destruction. Sadly, modern Christianity is plagued with evangelical humanism with its subsequent ignorance of the Biblical revelation of God’s person and purpose. It is the author’s longing that God-centered Christianity be restored to His people. Happily, there is evidence of the revival of the great doctrines presented in this book. “To God only wise be glory through Jesus Christ for ever. Amen” (Romans 16:27).

Chapter Titles: 1. Doesn’t the Bible Settle It?; 2. Let’s Watch Those Labels; 3. A Man-Made System?; 4. Controversy; 5. The Hinge; 6. Against God’s Will; 7. Chosen? To What?; 8. Left to Themselves, What Can Sinners Do?; 9. Can a Man Pay What He Owes to God?; 10. Just What Did God Intend?; 11. How Did Christ Save His People?; 12. Whosoever Will and Whosoever Won’t; 13. Why Bother to Evangelize?; Appendix: Was John R. Rice an Arminian?: plus indexes and a helpful glossary.


“The subject matter presented by Pastor Jeff Alexander is not of insignificant consequence but is the very heart of the gospel. I have read the book carefully and discovered that he has argued his premises with biblical accuracy, theological precision, and philosophical clarity. The contents of the book reflect his pastoral concerns, personal struggle, and reveal his pastor’s heart and his theologian’s mind. I highly recommend the reading of Predestined for Heaven? Yes! by all of God’s people, layman and pastor alike.”

—Roger Evans, pastor of Sovereign Grace Chapel,
academic dean of the Trinity Bible Institute,
Colorado Springs, CO

"Jeff Alexander’s book, Predestined for Heaven, Yes!, outlines the real life study of one who has come from a fundamentalist Arminian perspective to a clear and convincing sovereign grace position. The book’s title is a play on the title of John R. Rice’s book, Predestined for Hell? No!, which purports to be the definitive polemic against the five points of Calvinism. Jeff’s book is the culmination of years of study on the truthfulness of the system classically known Calvinism, or definitively known as the Canons of Dort. He treats the subject fairly, cogently, biblically, logically, and simply. After reading this treatise, any objective soul can understand the issues involved, what is at stake, and the need to embrace this theological position. It is written on a level that any lay person can understand, but also challenges the thinking of seasoned Bible students. It is a good and pleasurable read, and contributes greatly to the overall debate on the doctrine of salvation. I highly recommend it.”

—James D. Kirby, Pastor
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church
Rio Rico, AZ


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